Set Up SmartCloud Zones Using the Mobile App

Unlock the true power of your SmartCloud service by setting up SmartCloud Zones and customizing your SmartCloud settings.

Fully adjustable SmartCloud Zones help reduce false alerts by limiting motion detection to a specific, targeted area of your choice, e.g., a door or window. SmartCloud won’t record or notify you about unimportant activity outside of those zones.

Even if you have subscribed to the Starter service plan and don't have access to Cloud DVR (Cloud Recording), you can still get activity-based recording and notifications if you set up your SmartCloud Zones and SmartCloud settings.

SmartCloud Zones also help spare your bandwidth and reduce the demand on your network (See “Reducing Bandwidth Consumption”).

SmartCloud Zones can alert you to specific events, e.g:

  • Somebody walking through a doorway
  • The family pet jumping on the couch
  • A package being delivered to the front door
  • A car coming into the driveway



If you want to be notified when someone opens a door but not when a person or pet just walks past the door, draw your SmartCloud Zone around the top of the door. Now SmartCloud will only record when the door is opened. Try setting one up and seeing how it works. 





Setting up a SmartCloud Zone is easy

You can draw as many custom zones as you like.

  • From your camera’s Live view, tap the Zones button 
  • To add a zone, tap the Add Zone button 
  • To change the shape of the zone, drag the black adjusting points with your finger
  • Pinch the zone to make it bigger or smaller. Expanding the zone can make it easier to change the shape
  • You can move the entire zone without changing its shape by dragging it with your finger
  • To delete a zone, tap it to select it, then tap the Trash button 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you save your zone before exiting. 


By default, SmartCloud will monitor for activity in your zone, and notify you at the email address associated with your account.

You can also schedule SmartCloud to monitor only at specific times, turn off Monitoring altogether, and manage your Notifications.


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