Scheduling Monitoring

You may want the system to monitor only at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week. For example, you might want it to monitor on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm when you are at work.

In this case, you can use the Scheduler to tell SmartCloud exactly when and when not to monitor.


IMPORTANT: At present, the Scheduler can only be accessed through the SmartCloud website, and not the mobile app.

Here's what you do:

Go to and log in with your User ID and password.

  • Find the camera that you want in the Your Cameras list on the dashboard
  • Click the Settings button 
  • Under SmartCloud Analytics, click “When do you want us to monitor?”




  • When the Scheduler appears, drag the blue bars right or left to cover the times you want the system to monitor
  • For additional instructions, click “How to use the Scheduler”




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