How easy is it to add a camera to SmartCloud with QR activation?

Very easy! The QR (2-dimensional bar code) camera activation process is quick because the bar code contains most of the information the system needs to know about the camera (e.g., serial number), eliminating many of the steps you would normally have to go through.

(The camera reads the bar code, so you don't need a special app on your phone or computer.)

It takes just a few minutes, and we walk you through each step.

Here's how you do it:

After you create your account, you will be taken to an instruction screen that tells you how to activate your camera on SmartCloud.


If you're using your mobile device

  • Tap the  button


If you're using your computer

  • Click  

and the QR (bar code) camera activation process will begin.


QR (Bar Code) Camera Activation

When the installation begins, a screen will appear reminding you that you must have the latest firmware on your SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-V6414BN).

If you are unsure what version of firmware you have, or if the registration process doesn’t work, go to to update your camera’s firmware.

Otherwise, tap Next.



The next step connects your camera to your wireless network.

You may already have connected your camera to your network when you first purchased it.

If so, check the box and tap Next.

If not, enter your SSID (network name) and password now, and tap Next.




The system will generate a QR code for the camera to read.

  • When the QR code appears, hold the camera 10” to 12” away from your mobile device or computer screen, with the lens facing the code.
  • If necessary, move the camera slowly toward and back away from the screen.

When the camera reads the code successfully, you will hear a chime. (This should only take a few seconds.) You may set the camera down.

The activation process will take up to another 3 minutes. When complete, you will hear a final chime.

If the activation takes longer than 3 minutes, tap or click Cancel.




IMPORTANT: If the activation is not successful, the camera’s LED will remain red, and the camera will beep once. See "Why didn't the activation work?"

 Note: The QR activation process may take up to 2 minutes to timeout when invalid/incorrect network information is entered.  Please ensure all information is correct before proceeding with an activation

Once the camera is activated, it will appear in the Camera List.

To add another camera to SmartCloud

  • In the Mobile App, tap the  button
  • From your computer, click the   button 


To access the Live view or recorded activity of your camera(s)

  • Tap or Click the Live or Activity buttons


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  • Avatar
    Jack Martin

    Very easy :), EXCEPT if you have already mounted the camera on a wall or in some other high position.

    Any alternative method to register an existing camera?


  • Avatar
    SmartCloud Support


    Thank you for your feedback.  At the present time, the QR code is the only method of registering cameras with the SmartCloud services.  The best method for already mounted cameras (or camera in a high position), is to to the activating via our mobile app on a smartphone (tablet) and hold the QR code in front of the camera.  We are working on alternative methods for activating.


    SmartCloud Support

  • Avatar
    Jack Martin

    OK. Thanks. I did not realize you can do it with the smartphone in front of camera. (Instead of bringing camera in front of computer).



  • Avatar
    SmartCloud Support


    Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.




    SmartCloud Support

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