How do I manage Notifications (using the Mobile App)?

You can decide whether you want to receive notifications or not, and which devices and email addresses will receive them. 


To simply turn email notifications or push notifications (texts to your mobile device) on or off

  • Find the camera that you want in your Camera List
  • Tap Settings 
  • Scroll down to Notifications
  • Use the buttons there to turn push and email notifications on or off

IMPORTANT: From the individual Camera Settings, you can only turn push or email notifications on or off.



To register mobile devices for push notifications, or to add or delete email addresses where notifications should be sent

  • Tap the Main Menu button 
  • Choose Account
  • Scroll down to Devices & notifications




To manage which email addresses notifications will go to, select Email Addresses. To control which devices have access to your account, select Registered Devices.

Note that when you add an email address to receive notifications, that address will appear as “Pending” until the invitee accepts the invitation.

If you are not receiving any emails from SmartCloud, please check your Junk/Spam folder.  If you find any, you should be able to mark them as 'not junk/spam' and have them end up if your inbox going forward.



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