What am I committing to if I start the 15-day free trial?

Nothing! It's completely risk-free. You'll have 15 days to take advantage of all the features offered in our Starter Plan.

At any time during the free trial you can upgrade to one of our three subscription plans featuring low monthly payment options.

And when the trial is done, if you don't decide to upgrade, you can easily go back to SmartCam. 




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    please cancel to hard to setup cameras

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    SmartCloud Support

    Hi, Your trial will automatically expire in 15 days.

    SmartCloud Support

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    David Lynn

    what do I need to do to connect my new doorbell to record


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    SmartCloud Support

    Hi David,

    To get your doorbell camera recording, you will need to migrate your SmartCam account and doorbell camera to SmartCloud.  To do the migration, follow these steps:

    1) On a PC go to this link: and click on 'Log in" and use your SmartCam user ID and password and click 'Activate my camera'.  Then click 'Import SmartCam Devices', you will then see your Doorbell camera listed.  Click the 'Add' button, and let the migration process complete.  Wait for a message "Camera migration complete'.  You can then enjoy the 15 day trial of SmartCloud and you can decide at any time if you want to subscribe to a paid plan.

    You can read more about SmartCloud here:


    Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


    SmartCloud Support

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