Why didn't the activation work?

Most of the time, auto migration is quick and easy - click a couple of buttons and everything is done for you. Auto migration can also be done remotely as long as the camera(s) are live and active on a SmartCam account. 

If the auto-migration doesn't work - if you get errors stating that the username/password don't match, or the migration process stalls, check your account password for the special characters @ and "." (at symbol and quotation marks).  If you have those characters in your password, you need to change your password to not include them and retry the migration.

If the activation process still does not work, contact SmartCloud support at


Most of the time, the QR activation is quick and easy—far easier than having to enter all of the information manually.

However, on occasion the activation may not be successful.

If this happens, the camera’s LED will remain red, and the camera will beep once. You will get a message like the one below.





There are three reasons why activation might not work:

1. The camera may not have been able to read the QR code.

  • Tap or click Try again, and go through the steps again.
  • When the QR code appears, make sure the camera lens is facing the code on the screen.
  • Hold the camera 10” to 12” from the code, and move it slowly towards the screen and back away from it.

      If you hear a chime, the camera has read the code successfully.


2. Your camera may not be connected to your wireless network.

  • Tap or click Try again. You will be taken to the Wireless Setup screen.
  • Uncheck the box (if it was checked) and carefully re-enter your SSID (network name) and password

  Note: The QR activation process may take up to 2 minutes to timeout when invalid/incorrect network information is entered.  Please ensure all information is correct before proceeding with an activation

3. Your camera may not have the latest firmware.

Go to to update your camera’s firmware.

If the activation process still does not work, contact SmartCloud support at




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